Director NIMA (Karachi)

Cdre (Retd) Ali Abbas SI(M)

Cdre (Retd) Ali Abbas SI(M) had an illustrious career in Navy with vast experience of high profile operational, training and staff appointments. After leaving Navy in 2017, the Commodore served as Director Bahria University Karachi Campus. Presently he is Director at National Center for Maritime Policy Research (Karachi) a premier maritime think tank and a constituent unit of Bahria University. Commodore (Retd) Ali Abbas SI(M) has undergone various professional and academic courses both inland and abroad. He completed his Naval Staff Course from PN War, Lahore in 1998 and later did Armed Forces War Course from National Defence University, Islamabad in 2009/10. In the meantime, the Commodore also attended and graduated from National Defence University, Beijing in 2006/07. He holds MS degree in Project Management and an MSc degree in “War Studies & Defence Management”. Besides this, he also holds two BSc Honours degrees from Karachi University and a Post Graduate Diploma in Defence and Strategic Studies from NDU Beijing. His other relevant experiences include project management of PN Frigates and corvettes in China. He attended Force Generation Conference at US NAVCENT Bahrain in 2010 and Counter Piracy Conference at Dubai in 2013 and later commanded multinational task force in the Indian Ocean. Besides having interest in Naval Strategy and Operations, the Commodore has great enthusiasm for general history, culture and economics. Presently he is engaged in Research oriented activities at NIMA(K).

Contact : +92 21-99240044


Director NIMA (Islamabad)

Cdre (Retd) Khalid Rasheed SI(M)

Commodore (R) Khalid Rashid SI(M) joined PN in Oct 83 and was subsequently commissioned in the Ops Branch on 01 Jan 88. The officer has specialized in Communication and served on board various PN Ships and Establishments. He is a graduate of PN War College Lahore, Naval Command College Nanjing China, National Defense University Islamabad and National Defense University Beijing, China. His prominent staff appointment includes Officer in Charge Electronic Warfare Training Center, O/IC Telecomm (S), Director Naval Signals, Director Naval Developmental Plans at Naval Headquarters. On board ships, has served as Executive Officer of Destroyer PNS TIPPU SULTAN and has also commanded PNS BADAR. His important staff and command appointments in the rank of Cdre include Chief Staff Officer to Flag Officer Sea Training, Chief Staff Officer to Commander Karachi and Directing Staff at National Defense University. He is a recipient of the Sitar-e- Imtiaz (Military).



Contact: +92 51-9261968


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