Geo-Economic Dimensions Of IOR – Opportunities For Region And Beyond

Concept Note

The economic prosperity of a country is mainly dependent upon connectivity with the region and beyond; of which maritime connectivity has great potential especially for littoral states. One of the important aspects of economic development is regional maritime cooperation, which generally gets low priority. Therefore, any disruption in maritime trade, being the vital source of economic sustenance, has serious repercussions for the national security. Similarly, economic progress of Indian Ocean Region (IOR) littoral states is heavily dependent upon maritime connectivity under secure environment. In this era of globalization, economic interdependence and collaboration in maritime domain would be key enablers of peace and stability in the region as well. 

 There is a dire need to critically study, analyze and highlight the importance of “Regional Maritime Connectivity and Related Security”, to facilitate decision making at the policy and execution levels.

 The International Maritime Symposium-2022 (IMS-2022) shall seek to deliberate on evolving dynamics of the Geo-Strategic and Geo-Economic environment of IOR to recommend way forward for Pakistan.

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