5-27 March 2008

“Sustainable Economic Exploitation of Ocean Resource: Technological & Educational

Needs and Solutions”

The second International Maritime Conference (IMC 2008) was organized from 25 to 27 March 2008, on the topic of “Sustainable economic exploitation of ocean resource: Technological & educational needs and solutions” with theme in continuum of the first conference. This conference also focused on economy, security and environment in the maritime domain with view to delineate technological and educational needs and offer innovative solutions for sustainable exploitation of ocean resources. Dr. David Griffiths from Dalhousie University Canada, Dr. Cherdsak Virapat from Thailand, Dr. James Boutilier Asia Pacific Policy Advisor to Maritime Forces Canada, Harro Kucharzweski from Germany and Mr. Richard Grastang, IUCN Advisor presented their paper, amongst others, at the conference.Admiral Muhammad Afzal Tahir NI(M) Chief of the Naval Staff was chief guest during opening session whereas, Mr. Shujat Ali Baig Minister of Education Government of Sindh was the chief guest at the closing session.

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