Indian Ocean Study Center (IOSC)


To act as a focal point to study and analyze the global and regional environment pertaining to the Geo-Strategy, Geo-Politics Geo-Economics, and Maritime Security of the Indian Ocean Region and beyond with a view to advance maritime interests of Pakistan.


To study and analyze the global and regional environments, focusing on IOR pertaining to; Geo-Strategy, Geo-Politics Geo-Economics, and Maritime Security.

To study and evaluate the maritime interests of major stakeholders and key littoral states of the IOR and beyond with a view to advance the maritime interests of Pakistan and recommend policy options/responses.
To study, analyze and raise awareness about Pakistan’s maritime challenges, compulsions, and opportunities.
To study and analyze various aspects of the maritime component of CPEC in particular and BRI, in general, to highlight its importance and proffer pertinent recommendations.
Holding seminars, webinars, workshops, focused talks, etc. in pursuance of stated objectives.
To optimally utilize social, print, and electronic media in promoting Pakistan maritime interests.
To collaborate with national, regional, and internationally recognized global think tanks in pursuance of stated objectives.
To continuously update information pertaining to the IOR and beyond on the NIMA website under IOSC

Subject Of Studies

  1. The global and regional environment in IOR and beyond.

a. Geo-Strategic dynamics of IOR.

b. Geo-Political dynamics of IOR.

c. Geo-Economics dynamics of IOR

2. Maritime security challenges, compulsions, and interests of Pakistan including:

a. Maritime issues of littoral countries.

b. Safety of the choke points.

c.  Freedom of Navigation.

d.  Piracy and Counter-Piracy

e.  Harassment of Ships.

f.   Drugs running & human trafficking.

3. Various alliance/cooperation’s / associations like AUKUS / QUAD (Quadrilateral Security Dialogue) and other groupings (IORA, IONS & WPNS, etc.) in the Indo Pacific Region and their impact on Pakistan.


4. India’s maritime interests viz – a- viz Pakistan.

5. Military bases of the major stakeholders in the Indian Ocean and their Geo-Strategic interests.

6. Strength and disposition of navies of important countries in the IOR.

7.  Any other maritime security-related issue in the Indian Ocean.

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