One of the important aspects for economic growth of Pakistan is the early manifestation of CPEC project.  However, the success of CPEC project hinges upon its maritime components, which is the most important segment of CPEC.  Unfortunately, this aspect is often ignored or gets very less publicity.  Any disruption in maritime component of CPEC, being the pivotal link for sustenance of the project, would have far reaching consequences.  There are indications that efforts are underway to curtail the growing role of China by the USA and India.  Meanwhile, the BRI and CPEC have emerged as a catalyst of strategic realignment in IOR.  In this era of globalization, Pakistani economic cooperation with China w.r.t. BRI and CPEC endeavors will bring peace and prosperity in IOR littoral states.


There is dire need to critically study, analyse and highlight the importance of the “Maritime Component of CPEC”, ensuring right decision making and prioritization at the policy and execution levels. The International Maritime Symposium-2022 (IMS-2022) will seek to deliberate on the evolving dynamics of the Geo-Strategic environment of IOR and interests of major powers / regional stakeholders, prospects of cooperation and collaboration with the IOR littoral states, Maritime Security and stability in the context of CPEC and Maritime Security Challenges / Roles of Pakistan Navy. The maritime infrastructure of Pakistan (Ports, Harbors, Shipyards, Ships, Technical support, Trained HR etc.), required for the development, sustenance and expansion of Pakistan’s Sea Trade, transit and transshipment prospects of Pakistan’s sea ports vis-a-vis competing regional ports and impact of CPEC on maritime industries (Maritime Tourism, Fisheries, Renewable Energy etc.) would also be dilated upon during the Symposium.


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