Major Powers’ Interests in IOR including Partnerships like QUAD, AUKUS, etc., and Implications for the Region especially for Pakistan

Research Paper 003

Geo-economics and geopolitics are the indicators of competition between major powers in the pursuit of their strategic goals. The US, China, and India together make up about half of the world’s GDP and are vying for dominance in the Indian Ocean. In this perspective, while being smaller than Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, Indian Ocean Region continues to be crucial because of its enormous oil and gas reserves, choke points, nautical traffic, and the interests of foreign powers. The US and Europe are heading for recession, and the Asian economic situation is better, China and India will be major engine of growth this year. Therefore, Indian Ocean will remain the focus of attention for the world. New alliances are taking place in which US and India are the key players, the sole aim being is to contain China. On the other end, China’s presence in Indian Ocean is increased in the last decade due to BRI/CPEC and military base in Djibouti. Chinese Navy is regularly patrolling and exercising with the littoral countries of the Indian Ocean. This paper endeavors to study major powers’ interests in IOR and how developing a strategic alliance requires Pakistan to be vigilant and adopt a strategy to safeguard its interests.

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