Seminar on

“Maritime Tourism to Identify Gaps and Opportunities for the Development of Tourism

in Pakistan”

National Institute of Maritime Affairs (NIMA), held one-day seminar on “Potential of Maritime Tourism Development in Pakistan” on 04 April 2019 at Pakistan Maritime Museum, Karachi. The seminar was first ever on the maritime tourism, aimed to create awareness by bringing together maritime stakeholders, academia and experts from industry. Maritime tourism plays an important role in the economic development of any nation with great potential for innovation and growth. The maritime tourism sector has the potential of significant contribution to Pakistan’s economy. This is also in line with UN Sustainable Development Goals 14 and can generate empowerment for the youth of coastal areas. At present, the infrastructure of coastal tourism is non-existent and there is a dire need to invest and do capacity building measures for increasing awareness and knowledge among the decision-makers as well as the public is order of the day. This seminar helped in understanding the needs of all stakeholders and brought out an implementation strategy for the sector.

Former Director General National Center for Maritime Policy Research Vice Admiral (Retd) Asaf Humayun HI(M) graced the occasion as a Chief Guest. While addressing the audience, the chief guest emphasized the importance of Blue Economy and the development of Maritime Sector as key to Pakistan’s future. He further said that the development of maritime tourism also serves as a vehicle to promote the blue economy of the country. Director General National Institute of Maritime Affairs (NIMA), Vice Admiral (Retd) Syed Khawar Ali Shah HI(M) in his keynote address highlighted the importance of maritime sector of the country. He said that Pakistan cannot progress and realize its potential unless we give importance to the maritime economy. The development of maritime sector would have a direct bearing on the economic progress of the country. He further emphasized on the revival of bunder boat and dhows, and uplifting of fishermen community.

Eminent speakers participated in the seminar including Mr. Kamran Nasir, CEO JS Global Bank, Mr Azeem Qureshi Corporate Director Sales Avari International Hotels, Mr. Aftabur Rehman, President Sustainable Tourism Foundation, Mr. Kamran Head of Corporate & IR from Skill Ston, Ms. Naghmana Zafar researcher blue economy, Mr. Shahmir Ahsanullah Manager Gwadar Gym Khana, and Mr. Asif Bhatti President Native Islander Fisherman Association discussed various challenges and opportunities of maritime tourism of Pakistan. The Seminar was attended by a large number of dignitaries from maritime sector, academia, media representatives, and researchers from local think tanks.

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