Maritime Watch

The maritime watch is an effort by the National Institute of Maritime Affairs to create awareness regarding Maritime affairs in the masses. It is a monthly publication and is circulated amongst Maritime stakeholders, academia, industry, and its subscribers. The magazine was initiated in October 2019 with its inaugural issue - consisting interview of Maritime Affairs Minister Mr. Ali Haider Zaidi. Interviews of Prominent individuals like Captain Anwar Shah, former DG PNSC, Minister of Livestock and fisheries Mr. Abdul Bari Pitafi have also been published in the magazines. Maritime Watch is the first one of its kind magazine in Pakistan with focus on the maritime affairs of the country. Previously the Magazine was published as “Maritime News Digest”.

Current Issues

Volume: 03 – Issue: no. 05

Volume: 03 – Issue: no. 06

Volume: 03 – Issue: no. 07

Volume: 03 –Issue: no. 08

Volume: 03 –Issue: no. 09

Volume: 03 –Issue: no. 10

Previous Issues

Volume: 01 – Issue: no. 06

Volume: 01 – Issue: no. 05

Volume: 02 –Issue: no. 04

Volume: 02 – Issue: no. 03

Volume: 01 – Issue: no. 02

Volume: 01 – Issue: no. 01

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